With about 600000 inhabitants, Stuttgart is the smallest major city in Germany. The most important branch of industry is undoubtedly the automotive industry.
Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Bosch were founded here and have their corporate headquarters here. The distances to other cities are: Zuerich 135 mi, Munich 148 mi, Frankfurt 130 mi, Strasbourg / France 100 mi


2020 was the Corona year . Masks and disinfectants were omnipresent. Almost every broadcaster had its own best practices. Plastic covers on the windshields, multiple daily disinfections of the equipment, up to plexiglass screens in the team car. We know the current regulations. We always carry FFP2 masks and disinfectant in the production vehicle.

New camera Sony FX-9

In addition to our proven FS-7 we have purchased the Sony FX-9. With the full frame 6K sensor and various scan modes, almost all Super 35mm and 35mm full frame lenses can be used. Dual base iso, variable ND, S-Cinetone, a lot has happened in the years since we started shooting with the FS-7. But the FS-7 is still an excellent camera and will stay with us.

Swiss Garbage Mountains

Fifty years ago, the Israeli satirist Ephraim Kishon wrote his “little travel book about Switzerland“. And he was not the only one to be struck by the almost penetrating cleanliness of this Alpine country. „Swiss Garbage Mountains“ was the working title for a documentary that was shown at French-German television broadcaster arte in 2020. In the cleanest country in the world, of all places, garbage was dumped uncontrollably into impassable terrain for decades. Many communities had their own bulky waste site where anyone could dump anything that was too big for the domestic garbage can.
We accompanied Marco Agostini from the Green Party of Switzerland on his search for contaminated sites. Marco is a true Swiss in the best sense of the word. He meticulously uses records from the last decades of the 20th century to document where the time bombs of garbage sinners lie. No slope is too steep for him and if there is a chance to clear something away, he does it. A challenge for us as a camera team to keep up. The Sony FS-7 with the SELP 18-110 lens was the right equipment for this shoot. With a V-mount battery, the FS-7 runs for hours even with a headlight and a wireless stereo radio link. This also allowed us to always carry a Mavic Pro drone in the camera backpack. Instead of several fixed focal lengths, the zoom on the camera was the better option. And with the drone we could then also shoot the long overgrown garbage dumps from above. And from there it looks again as you know it in Switzerland: Just a beautiful alpine idyll.